Curling’s Wikipedia Page is Savage – VICE

I wrote about The Battle for Curling’s Wikipedia Page for VICE Sports, noting “The edit history of the curling page is an anthology of cold burns.” Why so much angst? Hint: A lot of it has to do with trolls claiming it’s not a sport.

Eric Washburn was a fantastic interview for the piece. Eric is founder of the Curling WikiProject and the sport’s self-appointed WikiGuardian. He’s been editing the Curling entry since he was 17.

Here are two fun excerpts from the article:

The strategy of choice for those on the “not a sport” side of the argument is trolling. Vandals occasionally delete and replace the entire article with content that’s (a) repetitive, (b) homophobic/ageist, or (c) textbook adolescent. Another strategy is to mark each reference to curling as a sport with the flag “* Citation needed.” [. . .]

At first, this intensity behind the scenes seems incongruous with curling’s wholesome image. After all, this is the sport where Team Canada took this adorable photo with Switzerland and Russia after the mixed doubles match. Surely there’s no hidden ferocity behind those smiles. [. . . ] Or could it be that this is actually Wikipedia mirroring real life? Are all curlers, like all Wikipedia editors, secretly ruthless?

Read the full piece over at VICE Sports.