The Financial Times on Whether “Jimbo” Wales can Fix the News

The Financial Times is reporting that Wikipedia founder Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales would like to step in to solve the problem of so-called fake news. According to the article by John Thornhill:

He believes that by enabling anybody to publish anything, the internet has undermined the traditional media’s function as the gatekeeper of accepted truth. But just as the internet has disrupted the old media, it can potentially empower the new media by harnessing the collective intelligence of users. The Wiki community could, he argues, collaborate with a small team of professional journalists to help create, check and shape a new kind of digital media organisation dedicated to providing accurate and impartial news. “The news becomes a living, evolving artefact, which is what the internet was made for,” Wales explained in the video.

Many die-hard Wikipedians might be excited about the possibility of expanding the Wiki project into the realm of news. At the same time, part of the reason Wikipedia has worked so well is because there exists a shared vision of what an encyclopedia is supposed to be in terms of content, tone, and structure. Whether there exists a shared vision of what the news is supposed to be remains to be seen.

Read Thornhill’s full article in the Financial Times or on Medium.