Honda Ridgeline is Best in Class

Jalopnik‘s David Tracy offers some fascinating WikiHistory in his article “The Story Behind The Honda Ridgeline’s Wildly, Unusually Detailed Wikipedia Page.” Writes Tracy:

Detailed information on intake airflow paths, and the shape and material makeup of the unibody. Data on torque curves and all available paint color names. The breakdown of tweeter speakers versus full-range ones. Nearly every car has a page on Wikipedia, but the one for the Honda Ridgeline stands above most of them for its obsessive level of detail for a fairly pedestrian vehicle . . . It’s hard to find this level of detail on Wikipedia for any car, let alone something as obscure and somewhat unloved as the Ridgeline.

Tracy set out to investigate the reason the Ridgeline’s article was so detailed, and found himself interviewing Wikipedia editor “McChizzle.” Turns out, McChizzle is a Ridgeline owner who “found himself researching as much about his Ridgeline as he could find—just out of curiosity.”

Knowing that he had the skills, McChizzle decided “maybe I can jump in and help.” But in order to do so, he had quite a bit to learn . . . So starting in July 2014, McChizzle dove deep into all things Ridgeline, asking members on the Ridgeline Owner’s Forum to direct him to reputable sources that could provide insight into how Honda actually designed and built the unibody truck.

Wikipedia / McChizzle

Tracy chronicles how McChizzle educated himself with information from Honda and the wider Ridgeline Owner’s Forum. Ultimately, he concludes that Wikipedia is very lucky to have people like McChizzle who openly collaborate and have the motivation to provide this service.

So this amazing Wikipedia page represents a perfect storm of a man falling in love with his Ridgeline, getting agitated by misinformation, and having the skill-set to set the record straight.

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