Favorite Wikipedia Quotes

(Note: This list is always evolving.)

1. “Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.” – Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

2. “In the end though, I don’t believe we’re going to fail. I think we’re going to continue growing and evolving, and the Wikipedia of ten years from now may look totally different from what we have today, but I don’t think this resource is ever going away.” – Wikipedia user Catherine Munro

3. “Wikipedia is not about technology, it’s about people. It’s about leaving things open-ended, it’s about trusting people, it’s about encouraging people to do good.” – Jimmy Wales in the Foreword to The Wikipedia Revolution

3.”It’s not polite to treat Wikipedia like an endlessly renewable resource with infinite free labor. What’s the impact?” – Wikipedian and MIT Librarian Phoebe Ayers

4. “The goal is to give people a free encyclopedia to every person in the world, in their own language. Not just in a ‘free beer’ kind of way, but also in the free speech kind of way.” – Jimmy Wales

5. “I frequently counsel people who are getting frustrated about an edit war to think about someone who lives without clean drinking water, without any proper means of education, and how our work might someday help that person. It puts flamewars into some perspective, I think.” – Jimmy Wales

6. “You start talking about the long term — about being one of the first large information sources on the web that is truly free. You start talking about what will happen if this works; that because it’s free, it’s going to be the default resource for a whole lot of people, and you start to get a little bit awed by the responsibility to build it properly, and keep it open, and keep it sane, and most of all, to get the facts right, because this work is going to be a base on which many unforeseeable future projects will be built.Wikipedia user Catherine Munro

7. “Why work on Wikipedia? For me, the answer is a matter of scale . . . Because of the very heavy use the site receives, the changes that you or I make to Wikipedia are likely to touch substantially more lives than any other possible way of contributing to the information universe at this moment. It’s a simple matter of efficiency — I work on Wikipedia, and try to make it better, in order to reach as many people as possible.” – Wikipedian and MIT Librarian Phoebe Ayers

8. “Sharing goes both ways: it asks for you to participate, not just consume. We want people to be active on the internet.” – Katherine Maher, Executive Director Wikimedia Foundation